The "Made in China" Sizing Phenomenon

I can't be the only one that gets super skeptical when buying clothes online.

Is that XL going to ACTUALLY fit like an XL? Or am I going to look like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

Now that we have that stuck in our heads, let's talk about the real issue at hand. Bogus sizing. 

I won't go into all the details and time that it took to finally find quality manufacturers, but it was years. What came out of that was a process that, I believe, will simplify your online shopping experience. Measurements and fit descriptions.

You can count on me to go over every single item in my warehouses and write a fit description for you. If something fits true to size? I am writing "True to size" in the description. If something fits relaxed, or oversized and you should size down 1, or oversized but it's supposed to be styled that way, I will tell you. And my least favorite of all... if it fits tight and you need to size up one, or it's snug in the arms so consider sizing up if that is an area of concern, I've got you! 

On top of writing it out for you, I will also include measurements. This is great if you're not really sure what your true size is, just grab a measuring tape and compare! Fabric content and details that help with fit (stretchy, not stretchy VERY stretchy) will all be in the product description as well. 

And if all that wasn't enough, I always try to get as many models of varying sizes in every piece! You'll see these photos featured on the website but also in our Facebook Group, where you can find influencer and customer photos!

Why go through the extra trouble to do this? Because I used to never buy clothes online. It was too risky. I was tired of crying over things not fitting. I don't want that for you. You're too amazing to be frustrated over clothing. 

So let's break the stigma on the "Made in China" sizing phenomenon and do some online shopping!


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